Best Price Increase Email Template to Notify Your Customers

Every business organization comes to the point where they have to reconsider their prices to keep thriving. Needless to say, the price increase is never good news to the clients/customers.

That's why you have to write price increase emails in a polite yet straightforward way. Learn the essential tips and tricks to write a sensible price increase email and keep your customer base intact.

Price Increase? Learn How to Tell Clients

Here we present a free tried and tested price increase email template. Feel free to make use of it as you like (don't forget to customize it). You will also learn a few tips and best practices to follow while sending price hike emails.

Price Increase Email Template

Subject: {Product Name} Price Increase

Dear Customers,

We hope you're enjoying {product name}! We're happy to hear that you see a lot of success with it, and we want to thank you for your business.

We want to enlighten you about the fact that we are increasing the price of {Product Name} by {amount}. This will take effect on {date}.

Please note that we will continue to offer our current prices until the new prices come into effect.

In case of any doubt, please let us know at {email}. We apologize for any trouble this may cause. If you don't want to continue our services, please click here.


{sender name}

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Best Practices for Price Increase Emails

Take Away Tips for Price Increase Emails


1. How long should a price increase email be?

Price increase emails can be around a couple of sentences. Although it is hard to bind it down to a specific word count, keep it short and to the point.

2. How do I automate follow-ups for price increase emails?

There are lots of email marketing tools that can do the job for you. is one of the best email marketing tools these days. You can create follow-up email campaigns and automate the flow easily with Smartlead.