Seal Deals with This Appointment Confirmation Email Template

One of customer service's essential tasks is sending confirmation emails for appointments to your customer. Not sending a confirmation email shows your unprofessionalism and can affect your revenue.

A confirmation email is an excellent way to send a reminder and stay in touch with your prospects. This write-up will teach you how to write an appointment confirmation email. We've also added a sample template for you; feel free to download and use it.

Learn Composing Appointment Confirmation Emails

Let's look at the sample email template to learn how to compose an appointment confirmation email. Also, we have added best practices, a few tips, and FAQs to step up your email outreach game.

Sample Appointment Confirmation Template to seal more deals

Subject: {DAY} {MONTH} Appointment

Hi {recipient name},

We have accepted your request for an appointment for {event name} on {DATE} at {TIME}. We are excited to have you coming. Please find the agenda and registration details below.

Our scheduler will be in touch with you to confirm the appointment.

Thank you,

{sender name}

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Best Practices for Writing Appointment Confirmation Email

Take Away Tips for Appointment Confirmation Emails


1. When should you send an appointment confirmation email?

In all cases, you should send appointment confirmation emails immediately. It shows professionalism and your eagerness to collaborate with them.

2. What should you say while sending an appointment confirmation?

It would help if you congratulated them first. Then add all the necessary details, including the time and date of the appointment. Mention the location and contact details, and give them an option to cancel the meeting as well.

3. Can you do marketing within an appointment confirmation email?

It is advised not to do marketing in an appointment confirmation email. However, in some industries, it is an added feature to their services. Suppose you offer flight ticket booking services; you can show ads to book hotels or cabs in the confirmation email itself.