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6 step process that finds accurate emails so you can land in the right inbox, protect your email deliverability and help close deals
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Find and Verify Emails In Bulk

All your emails are verified with a 6 step SMTP verification engine
Select email leads from multiple sources or CSV
Ensure your emails end up in the right inbox with AI email verification
Protect your domain rating from unwanted bounces, invalid emails
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Find Email Addresses With Just A Name

Find a verified and deliverable email address of your lead simply by proving their name and company website
Reach out to your dream client without hurting your email reputation
Find and verify at scale
Avoid ending up in spam and protect your email rating from “Accept - Alls”
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Find Company Technology Stacks

Use firmographic data to personalise your outreach
Find out core tech used by a company
Enter a conversation knowing exactly what softwares your leads use
Export al their tech stack in bulk via our CSV or directly to your CRM
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Find LinkedIn Profiles From Email Addresses

Reverse search for LinkedIn profiles using company email addresses
Bulk find LinkedIn profiles from email addresses
Use LinkedIn profiles for an omnichannel
Export and enrich data to email sending softwares
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