Automate Lead Prospecting.

Don't waste any time doing research about your lead. AI scrapes 2.6 billion pages to find key touch points to talk about, impress and close the deal with your lead.
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Scrape 1000s of Leads
700M+ LinkedIn Profiles

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Actionable Data For Your Sales Calls

Everything important about your lead is accessible in 1 click
Avoid old stale data, the latest company news delivered to you
Find your leads Podcasts, News mentions, Article mentions, Blog mentions, Webinar and speaking events, Medium blogs and more
Find new business opportunities to capitalize on
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Close The Deal Using Fresh Data Delivered To Your Calendar

Stop worrying about switching tabs or doing “homework”. All the relevant data about your lead will be delivered right to your calendar
Work history, Career transitions and recent promotions
Recent company announcements
Access structured data from their blogs and social media
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Native Compatibility With Popular CRMs

Export data directly to your preferred CRM without any extra steps
Send live LinkedIn Data directly to you favourite CRM
Push data automatically to GSheets or CSVs
Export and enrich data to email sending softwares
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